Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Twin Falls Weekend

We had a fantastic weekend last weekend. My brother Alan and his wife Alicia have been living in Minnesota going to school. He got an internship at the St. Luke's Hospital in Twin Falls for the summer so they're living there. Aaron ended a semester on Thursday and started a new one Monday so we had the weekend off.  Plus that it was my birthday so we needed to celebrate! We had a fantastic time.

They had this funny Dr. Suess stuffed animal that they let Eliza play with. She kept digging her face into it and flattening herself onto it! Hilarious!
We didn't really have anything planned except to be together.  So we just spent time with the bunnies near their apartment,
went walking on a riverwalk, (notice Alicia's belly... I'M GOING TO BE AN AUNT!!!)
 played at playgrounds,
enjoyed the Twin Falls scenery,
saw an old Deere (Aaron has loved tractors since he was little and he helped his grandpa farm),
saw the Twin Falls Temple, (notice Brad & Janelle on the right... I'm also getting a new sister-in-law!)

saw Shoshone Falls, (which is running REALLY full!)

and also went to a bunch of garage sales in their complex!  I got a humidifier, four hard books for Eliza, and two puzzles for $4.50.  :)  It was fantastic.
We also celebrated my birthday with some yummy bbq and cake and by them wishing me a Happy Day at least 1,000 times which is just what I wanted!

Oh, I caught a video of another of Eliza's tricks!  (sorry about the bounce...we were in the car!)

So all there is to it is that it was a fantastic weekend.  


Adventures of the Barfuss family said...

yay for visiting twin falls.

Sarah said...

Fun and Happy birthday!! The swing picture is cool and I love the bunnies!

Melody said...

What a fun weekend. Also I am happy to hear all of the good news from your family and Eliza's new trick.

JennieB said...

Awesome trick! That kids got skillz.

Meg said...

oh fun! one of my sister's lives in Twin Falls too.

Emily said...

Fun way to celebrate!

Kristen Moss said...

love the video... She is so cute. Oh, it makes me happy to see her. SO happy for you!