Monday, June 20, 2011

Who She Loves

This little lady is becoming QUITE a Daddy's girl.  He'll come home from school or work and she'll shriek and crawl to him.  She's constantly crawling to his legs and pulling herself up so he'll play with her.  Talk about cute.  Dad is super fun  to play with.

I'm so happy that Aaron is the father of our sweet girl.   Happy First Father's Day to him and a Happy Father's Day to both of our wonderful dads!


Mike and Lisa said...

LOVE little baby laughs! Claire is finally starting to gigggle and its the best.

*Aliese* said...

@ Becky--

Yeah, you'll have to scroll down because I put them in chronological order for printing purposes. :)

Emily said...

That pic of Ronski and Eliza is ADORABLE! Hooray for dads!