Thursday, July 28, 2011

Project: Eliza's Presents

For Eliza's birthday I decided to give her some homemade gifts.  I love reading the blogs with great ideas and I love making things myself so it turned out great.  :)

Gift 1: Beanbag Letters
I made her first and last name.
Here she is playing with them when I first gave them to her.
She likes to pull them out of the bucket one by one and toss them behind her.  Pretty awesome.

Gift 2: Church Books
I bought two of the Gospel Art books from the LDS Distribution Center and then some 'brag book photo albums' from Walmart for $1.  I cut out each picture and put them in the book.  Since Eliza LOVES flipping pages, I thought this would be a hit.  Plus that, I like that I can point out things in pictures in church that have to deal with churchy stuff. :)

Gift 3: Her Baby Blanket
The baby blanket was supposed to be ready for her, oh you know, when she was born... obviously it wasn't.  I had never appliqued and there are some definite errors, but I think it turned out pretty cute.  For the animals, I googled something like 'nursery animals', looked at the images and sketched the ones I liked and then made a pattern for them.
The front was finished before she was born and I bought the backing and the binding the Saturday night before I went into labor Monday morning.  When I bought the fabric, I assumed she would come late so I thought I would have at least a couple of days before she was born to work on it to keep me busy.  Not so!  Yay for babies coming!  So Monday morning as I'm in labor I washed, dried, and ironed the backing and binding just trying to keep my mind off things.  I took this picture of the wrong side of the front because I thought it looked fun.  :)  Who knew we'd have her in our arms late that night?!
 I still wasn't quite sure how I wanted to bind it and then I had her and things got a little busy.  I had the blanket in the back of my mind for months but never could figure a good way to quilt it.  As a year started to approach I decided it was time to buck up and finish it.  I decided to quilt around the animals and then quilt straight lines across it.  I made a goal to finish it for her birthday and I finished binding it two days before.  The back is a green vine print.  I actually don't really like the way I bound it.  So if you have ideas of how to make it cuter, let me know. 
I'm not quite sure what to do with it since she really doesn't use blankets, so I hung it on her wall for now.  As you can tell, she was thrilled to be in the picture.  :)
 I'm so grateful I've been given the talent to create.  I love making things.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Brad & Janelle

My brother Brad was married to the lovely Janelle from Tremonton, Utah on July 8 in the Bountiful Temple.  It was a fun day.  I love weddings.  :)
Check out the bouquet, boutinerres, and corsages.  I made them!  I've never done anything like it before, but Janelle told me I could so I watched some videos on youtube and voila!  I think they turned out really well.  I loved doing them!
Have I ever told you I love my family?  When the photographer lined them up with my parents Brad said the women should face one way and the men a different.  So they did.  :)  
Here they are with their current niece and nephew.  Eliza was SO tired and therefore VERY unhappy as you can see!
 Eliza only wanted me (which makes me feel like a million bucks!) and even PUT HER HEAD ON MY SHOULDER!  She is NEVER cuddly so this was pretty sweet!  I asked my sis to take our picture and Brad leaned in.  Love it.
Eliza did cheer up a bit and entertain us with her spit bubble-making!  She does it when she's tired!
We had the luncheon and then a reception that evening in West Jordan.
We siblings, of course, did our part to bless their car!  We had windowpaints, streamers, and balloons but also these little lovlies in the windshield wipers to ride off into the sunset together!  (Notice they're holding "hands".)  :)
We also had a good amount of stuff hanging from the back.  Nothing says "Happy Wedding" quite like a spatula, febreeze, and a diaper box!
  Eliza clapped as they left.  :)

The next evening we had a reception in Tremonten.  I love watching our parents with Eliza.  It's so unreal to me that my dad probably tossed me in the air just the same way.
And here is my brother tempting Eliza with grapes.  :)
It was a fantastic wedding!  Congrats Brad and Janelle!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Birthday Bash!

We celebrated Eliza's birthday on the 4th.
Doesn't she look adorable here?  This may have been the only smile we got all day!
The weather was so perfect!  Here is everyone who could make it.  We had a Mexican Fiesta (on the 4th of July...) to celebrate.  Aaron grilled carne asada.  Yum yum.  Doesn't the bunting look so festive?
She had a pretty rough weekend leading up to her party.  She broke her 2nd tooth the day before and hadn't slept barely at all as a result.  So here she is... It's her party and she'll cry if she wants to!
Luckily she cheered up enough to have some fun with the cake.  When we were planning the party, the only idea we really liked was ducks because she loves this cowboy rubber duck she has.  I looked online at Oriental Trading Company and found some cowboy ducks, but then found patriotic ones-- both of which sounded great.  But then... we found these Mariachi rubber duckies!!! There was no looking back from that point on!  It was just too perfect for our fiesta!  We kept them a secret from everyone so when we brought them out, we got some good laffs!  We think they're pretty awesome.
She pulled a few ducks off while we sang to her.
And then I gave her a cupcake of her own.
This video mainly cracks me up because of Tiff's serenade in the background!
Instead of picking up pieces to eat, she leaned down and licked it a few times.  Definitely not something she usually does so it was pretty cute.  :)
She mainly just had fun making a mess. 
But that wasn't enough mess for me so I gave her another one... and she made a significant mess.  :)
She started throwing it and we got a good laff out of it.  This is a no-no any other time but her birthday.  :)
"Yay" is the only word she's made a connection with thus far.  You say "yay" and she claps.  Love it!
As for how much cake she actually ate?  No more than a teaspoon!  I don't think she was in the mood.
And then she rubbed her tired eyes and made some good progress on the face.  :)
And then came the presents!  She loves being outside and we were willing to try anything that would result in no breakdowns!, so we gathered around to watch her.
 Tiff gave her a toy first.  She spent 5 minutes playing with the bow before Grandpa started ripping into it for her.
It ended up being a lego carriage so she wouldn't touch anything else!  Both of our parents hooked us up with clothes (yay!) and my sister gave her some books.  The books and the carriage kept her happy for over an hour.  Woot!
And that was her party!
We are thankful for the gifts and that our families would celebrate with us.
The next night (her real birthday) I gave her a bath with her ducks.  Happy Birthday E!  We sure love you!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One Year!

What a difference a year makes.  We sure love her!