Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer Hikes

We LOVE the outdoors so we tried to get outside as much as we could this summer.  Here's a re-cap of our summer hikes.

Trail to Timp Cave with Hayley & Ben

 (we forgot her hat so we gave her a sunscreen mohawk!)

Midway with my extended fam

Cecret Lake with my fam

Grandier Peak with Aaron's fam

Temple Quarry Trail with my fam

Oh and I should have mentioned quite awhile ago that she walks!  She picked it up at exactly 13 months.  I love it; it's adorable.


Mr. and Mrs. Hillarious said...

I love the beginning walk when they look so wobbly. So cute!

Sarah said...

Those hikes look fun... we wanted to do more hiking, maybe we can squeeze in a few in the next few weeks! Yes, it's a good thing that Eliza doesn't want to leave your sight! :)

Tannie Datwyler said...

Fun hikes!! Beautiful pictures as well. What type of kid carrier do you have? We have a kelty and we love it. :) Hooray for hikes! We need to do more of those.... we got out of the loop this last summer since I was so sick.

Mandy Torgrimson said...

You guys have so much fun. This makes me excited for next year! I missed hiking this summer.

Tannie Datwyler said...

It could just be the type of Kelty you have. We love ours and have never had a problem. Ours was SUPER expensive and brand new though. It's also the deluxe edition. Richard's dad bought if for us (he works at an outdoor equipment store and could get it wholesale). I have no tips!! I'm sorry it isn't working for you.

The Judd Family said...

You have been on some pretty fun hikes!

Emily said...

love the shot of your parents holding hands. so sweet. and the shot over the valley with the clouds is AMAZING!