Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Berry Picker

We have a lot of raspberries where we live.  As in we pick 6+ cups every other day.  Yes, a LOT of raspberries.  And a lot of deliciousness.

Eliza has watched us for months and last week it all clicked and I looked down to see her picking one and putting it in her mouth.  I melted and ran to get the camera. 

It is ADORABLE.  See for yourself.

*Disclaimers:  I do not normally put two clips in her hair.  I had found one on the floor and didn't want to lose it so I just put it in her hair.  :)  Oh and yes, I know I sound like an idiot.  :)

I think her great-grandpa who planted these (and who her middle name is after) would be quite tickled and proud.