Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fall Fun

So I posted most of this post a couple months ago and just figured I wasn't popular since no one commented...  well I came to put up another one and it wasn't even here!  Super weird.  So anyway, here is a quick rundown of our fall.
We went to our ward Trunk or Treat.  Little E loved it.
E is SO shy so talking to people is not really something she does.  Well I told her she wouldn't get any candy unless she said "trick-or-treat" and "thank you".  We role-played it like crazy and it totally worked!  We had to prod her at every car, but she said them!
Eliza was "Thomas Train" for Halloween.  She LOVES this book she has about Thomas and can read the whole thing to herself so I thought it would be fun for her to be Thomas.  And she LOVED it.  She watched me make the whole thing and was SO excited about it.  I thought it turned out pretty great for $5.

Camille was our little flower.

Below is a pic of Eliza two years ago... what do you think?  Are they twins?

Eliza still could care less about eating candy (woot!), but she LOVED unwrapping each piece and organizing it.  :)  (notice the suckers!)

We went to a ranch that had a bunch of free kid activities.  It was a blast.

Here is a picture of Albuquerque in the Fall... it is SO gorgeous.  The weather here is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. thus far!
We went on a walk along the Rio Grande!  This is a special picture because it is the first time we did something as a family when Aaron didn't have a CPA test looming over his head!  HE HAS PASSED ALL FOUR TESTS!!! WOOOOOOHOOO!!!  We are so happy he studied so hard so that we are done!  He's done almost nothing since April except study; we are grateful it paid off!
And Thanksgiving!  My parents and two sisters came down!

 Here's our cute little turkey Camille.
Here's Eliza a couple years ago which is why we did the picture.  :)  Eliza is definitely MUCH fatter than Camille is, but Camille is longer.  We think they're looking more and more alike.

We decorated our little trees.  E LOVED it.  :)  I found a big tree for $25 at Thrift Town a couple weeks later; so exciting!!

 Camille loved sucking on anything she could get her hands on.  :)
The day after Thanksgiving, we rode the Sandia Tram.  It's a 15 minute ride to the top of the mountain.  It used to be the longest in the world, but now Armenia has a longer one even though they won't admit it.  Good ol' Mexico pride.  We live in Mexico... just the New one.  :)

And now Christmas is upon us!  Aaron mentioned a few weeks weeks ago that this is the first time he's been really excited for Christmas for years.  It's the first time that Christmas hasn't meant finals.  We've done lots of things as a family and enjoyed not having the over-hanging stress of tests.  I am aching for those families who will have unopened presents under their tree as a result of the massacre yesterday and pray they can be comforted.  We are so grateful for our little family.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Future Singer

Little E LOVES singing!  She has quite a few Primary songs and Hymns memorized and sings while she plays.  It's beautiful!  She'll come to me and say "different song" and that means she wants me to teach her a new song.  Depending on how much she likes it, she'll have it memorized in two days or, at most, two weeks.  Here's a few of my faves:  (ignore unhappy Camille on my lap!)  (please enjoy her pudding beard!)

"Called To Serve" is definitely at the top of the list.  She always makes it into a round at the end so it keeps going.  :)
She's such a smartie pants!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Balloon Fiesta!

Pretty much everyone who heard we were moving to ABQ told us that we HAD to go to the Balloon Fiesta.  So we did.  And it is amazing!!!
We got tickets to go to the Mass Ascension for Saturday morning.  We got up, got to the Park & Ride, got in a school bus and headed to the park.  We were almost to the park (about 30 min away) when they announced the balloons wouldn't go up.  We were SO disappointed.  Oh, let me tell you that we go to the Park & Ride at 5ish in the morning for crying out loud.  So we turned around, or tried to turn around forever.... so we were on the bus for over two hours straight.  Eliza was SO disappointed since we'd told her that we were getting up to see balloons which made it more disappointing for us.  Luckily, they re-set our tickets so we could go another day.
We were too nervous to try to do it the next morning again for fear of it being cancelled again, so we got up around 7, checked the website and saw they were going up and drove to a road to watch them.
Once we saw them and watched them for an hour, I so wished we could have been able to see it from the field!  Oh well, next year hopefully!
So anyway, we sat in the car and enjoyed the balloons.
 We looked at the rest of the schedule to try to decide when to re-use our tickets, but the only time we could go was Sunday night to the Balloon Glow.  Go ahead and judge us for going on Sunday.  We talked about it and we 1. were together, 2. would have lost our tickets if we wouldn't have gone that night, and 3. didn't buy anything.
We walked around and waited and then all the sudden, some started to blow up.  And then it seemed like within a minute 20 more were up.  And it just kept going and going.  It was INCREDIBLE and almost breath-taking!  It's so cool to stand RIGHT next to the balloon's going up!
 Once the sun went down, the loud speaker would count down and then all at once, they would all light their fire things so they would glow at the same time.  It was fun.  We walked around and around and looked at them all.  Eliza loved it and we loved it.  Hopefully we can go see the full deal next year!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Camille's Blessing

We blessed Camille on July 29.  It's so special to have our families get together to celebrate our new one.
I made the dress for $8.  Not too shabby!  The gauze and lace overlay are from my mom's wedding veil.  I asked Aaron what kind of sleeves I should make and he said she definitely needed puffed sleeves.  :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


My grandma passed away last week.  We rejoiced.  She has suffered so much over these past years with her memory loss.  I am thrilled she is out of pain and I am thrilled she is with my grandpa.
Some of my favorite memories of her are having them coming over on Christmas morning to give us each a box of cookies, going to her home every General Conference for the day, hearing her get all uptight when we told her we were going to 'raid her pantry', and hearing her say "go warsh your hands"!  I look forward to meeting her again.
She passed away they day we moved to Albuquerque (yes, we're here!) and I was so grateful to fly back to go to her funeral.

1925 ~ 2012
Florence Poulsen Greenland, 87, passed away Saturday, September 1, 2012 in Taylorsville, Utah. She was born May 21, 1925 in Salt Lake City, Utah to George and Ellen (Rasmussen) Poulsen. She graduated from East High School. She was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She served in the Southern States Mission where she met C. Merrill Greenland. They were married September 26, 1949 in the Salt Lake Temple.
Florence had a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She served as a Sunday School gospel doctrine teacher for many years and spent countless hours studying for her lessons. She also served in the Primary and Relief Society.
Florence had a beautiful soprano voice and played the violin. She shared her musical talents as a chorister and choir director. Florence worked at the Presiding Bishop's Office (PBO) as a comptometer operator before and after her mission. She loved planning parties and gatherings for family, friends and neighbors.
She is survived by her daughters, Suzanne (Wayne) and Marjorie (Mark); son, Douglas (Cindy); 16 grandchildren; 18 great-grandchildren; and her brother, Jesse. She was preceded in death by her husband; her sisters, Geneve, Ruth and Virginia; and her brother, George.
The family wishes to thank the wonderful staff at Legacy Village Memory Care for their kind and compassionate care of our mother.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Project: Quiet Book

I've always wanted to make a Quiet Book.  And not a lift-the-flap one.  I'm talking the Mother of all Quiet Books!  And I did.  I worked on it for over a year and still have a few more pages I'd like to make, but here is what I've done.  This is, by far, my favorite project I've done.  It was SO fun!  I got most of my ideas from homemadebyjill and the links she listed and then just googling pictures of Quiet Books and then some by finding something fun at JoAnn that I wanted to use so I made it up.  I hope you think it is as cool as I do... and if you don't, don't burst my bubble.  :)
I was going to tell you what they all are, but I think they are pretty self-explanatory... so I won't.  If you have a question though, feel free to leave a comment and I'll answer it!

 (the colored button one was my favorite... I think it's super fun and adorable)

Don't you wish you could come to church with me?  :)