Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our Extended Christmas

Ready for a holiday recap?!
We had a wonderful holiday season!  We LOVED seeing Christmas through Eliza's eyes.  She was so excited about everything... the Christmas tree, the ornaments, the jingle bells, the presents, the nativity set, etc.
If I asked where "baby Jesus" was, she'd run and grab him.  Pretty much melted my heart.
Aaron's parent's came the week before Christmas and we had a good time with them.  We went and saw the lights and Eliza LOVED them.

We also went to a BYU game.  Eliza loved sitting in her own chair.
We had our own Christmas morning.  Eliza ran to her present when she saw it and was so excited to open it!  She really caught onto ripping the paper off... so much that she wanted to open every present she saw!  By the end of the break I had wrapped up fake presents many times to prevent huge breakdowns when other people opened presents and she didn't have any.  :)
We gave her a doll in a stroller.  She was super excited to see it, but a little shy.  I've been planning on getting her a doll for probably over six months so it was fun to finally give it to her.
It took maybe a minute and she was off pushing her baby around!
And giving her kisses.  :)
After church we went to my parents and spent the rest of the day.  That night we got to skype with my brother on his mission!  We were also able to get my two brothers who weren't there in on the conversation!  Technology is pretty great.  :)
Eliza's Christmas gift to me was that she decided a couple days later to FEED HERSELF!!!!!
The week between the holidays was spent with extended family and then the week after New Year's, my brother and his family came to visit from Minnesota!
I got to meet my niece Norah!!  And Eliza got to meet her cousin!
We were curious to see how she'd do because she's VERY nervous around other kids, but she did really well and even gave her hugs.  (putting her forehead on her)
She's pretty nervous about holding her, but we did get one smiling picture nonetheless!
 And here's the fam altogether.  I love these peeps!
It was such a wonderfully exhausting three weeks of vacation!

And for some great news... we're expecting our 2nd child!  I'm 16 weeks, due June 28th, and we are thrilled.  We are so dang blessed.  I have been as sick as I was with Eliza, if not more, so we're both pretty sure it's another girl.  We'll have our ultrasound in a few weeks... we can't wait!