Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thinking Pink

It looks like Aaron will be outnumbered for awhile... we're having another girl!  We would have been thrilled with either, but it was kinda fun to find out that we were right after everyone telling us there was no way it was another girl.  Aaron's side of the family is 99% boys so they were sure Eliza was a fluke.  But now we've got two flukes!  Like I said, I would have been thrilled with a boy, but I am really relieved financially that it is a girl... we'll only have to buy diapers!  We are so excited and blessed to have another baby coming to our family.  We pray everything will go well and hope to meet her late June!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Smartie Pants

Eliza is at SUCH a fun age right now.  Over the past two months she has just sky-rocketed with learning things.  She's into animal sounds and words and we love it!
Just a couple nights ago as we were driving, I randomly thought about reciting the alphabet and was surprised to hear that she wanted to repeat it all.  We think it is adorable.  We especially love "h" because she always says "house" instead (it's a current favorite word!), the "x"., and how she says "thanks" at the end.  She rocks our world.  :)

Also, our ultrasound is next week... what's your guess?!