Monday, April 23, 2012


Aaron graduated with his Master of Accountancy from Brigham Young University!
Thursday was the big ceremony with all 5,994 graduates.  The Masters students got to walk in single file which I thought was awesome.  Our seats ended up being right where he walked in too!
It was pretty short, which was wonderful.  :)  Elder Dallin Oaks spoke which was a treat!
My mom stayed home with Eliza for this ceremony and judging by the way she acted Friday, it was probably for the better!

 He posed for me.  :)  (He's going to freak out when he sees that I posted all these pics of him.)  :)
 Here is Aaron's family who came.
Friday was the Marriott School's graduation where they read the names.  We again had fabulous seats which I was SO happy about!  Here he is coming in!
He sat on the front row, second person from the left.
Here he is getting his name read.
 We ended up leaving early and I was so grateful because it ended up going for a couple more hours.  Eliza was... difficult, to put it nicely.
I was really hoping to get some good pictures, but Eliza refused to be with anyone but me, but I can't carry her so all the pictures turned out like this...

Luckily walking across campus calmed her down and we did get this picture which I was happy with.  :)

Here we are with my parents.

We had a lot of screaming the rest of the day from Eliza, but she was really good that night which we were grateful for.  We had a dinner that night at our place for both of our families and my brother caught this adorable picture of her.

My sister made Aaron an ice cream cake, at his request.
We are so grateful for the support from our families and were so glad to have those who could celebrate with us.

I think it's still setting in that it happened!  We've never gone more than a few weeks without school for all of our married life so we'll see if we hit a mid-life crisis or something.  Ha!   He now has to study and pass all the CPA exams to be licensed as a Certified Public Accountant, so I guess we're not completely out of the groove yet!  
It seems so crazy to us that when we got married, he was still trying to figure out a major.  We are grateful for the promptings that led to the Accounting Program because it was never even an option at the beginning.  I definitely teared up to see him walk in in his hood and when he stood up and clapped for me.  He techinically did all the homework and testing and such, but we paid for it together and I tried my best to support him so it feels like our achievement together. He/We did it!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Fun!

We had a fun Easter.  Eliza has loved the eggs and bunnies and chicks and all the other Easter things.  She's really taken to bunnies and calls them Hoppa (hop with an a at the end). :)

My mom told me that there was going to be an egg hunt at my grandma's care center so I prepared her for weeks in advance!  I made cardboard cutouts of children picking up eggs and taught her to knock them down and I taught her how to use a plastic bat to trip people.  Just kidding.  :)

The Easter Bunny was at the hunt and she wouldn't really touch him, but she wasn't nearly as freaked out as I thought she'd be.  She just kept pointing at him and saying HOPPA!  He did not hop for her though, unfortunately!
The hunt had seven eggs for each child (you had to find the eggs with your number on them), but E is too young to understand that and was just so excited to pick the eggs up.  Whenever she'd get occupied with something else, I'd dump the eggs back out.
She went to get an egg behind a bush and found a live duck!!!  She was really excited and was saying "quack quack" and before I knew it she touched the duck.  The duck kinda jumped which revealed that it was sitting on a nest of eggs!  I was so grateful the duck didn't bite her!  Eliza watched the duck for a good five minutes... I think she kept thinking she needed to get those eggs!  It was super fun to go to the hunt. 

Sunday morning we put the eggs in a trail leading to a thing of bubbles.  She opened one and found a white chocolate chip and quickly went to the next one to see if there was one in it too!  (White chocolate chips are pretty much the only sugar thing she'll eat.  I'm definitely not complaining... I'm sure some day that will change!!)

My mom got her this cute purple dress and she looked so sweet in it!  She is very much at a "hate the camera" stage so getting a picture of her smiling and looking at the camera is next to impossible!

My parents hid some eggs for her to find and she just thinks it is such a fun game!  (She asks me multiple times each day to play with the eggs.  She watches me put them around the room and then picks them up.  I told her to hide the eggs once and it was cute to watch her put them back exactly where I had put them earlier.)  At my parents, I took one of the eggs out of her basket to eat the candy and seriously offended her.  :)  Oh little girl... you just wait until your little sister comes and takes all your stuff in a couple months!!
Other updates: We are not sure when we'll be going to Albuquerque.  And Aaron graduates in a week!