Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lunchtime Laffs

Here's a video I took today at lunch.  It's one of those videos that just work out too perfectly!

A few things about it...
Eliza talks like crazy.  It's awesome.  I try to talk as much as possible because I love hearing her repeat everything.  
Eliza is very into labeling things these days.  "E-yi-zah's milk.  Mommy's milk.  Daddy's milk."  Etc.  It's fun.
Eliza figured out which store we go to.  When she said it the first time, I almost lost it.  It was and still is SO funny and adorable to me.  And her adding it to this video?  Priceless!
She pretty much hates the camera, so I love that she said "cheese" at the end.

She's so much fun (and trouble!) and is so smart.  She's almost two... the past year went so fast.

Things are pretty quiet with us.  Aaron works a couple days a week and studies for the CPA the rest.  And I play with Little E.  And shop at Walmart, obviously!  Hopefully our lives will get a little more crazy soon; I'm 37 weeks pregnant tomorrow!  I think Eliza will love her little sister and love helping me dress her and stuff, but once she figures out this little person is staying, I think she might not think it's so fun anymore.  :)  We're so excited to meet this new one... I can't get it in my head that she'll be any different than Eliza, so I'm excited to be proved wrong.  (At least I hope I will be!)


Jessie said...

I love the cheese at the end, too--so cute! I love hearing their voices come out finally. So fun. :)

Kim said...


Julie said...

Dang, the video isn't showing up, she is such a character though, her little personality is so funny! That's so great you're so close, good luck with everything! Can't wait to see pics of the new little one!

Tannie Datwyler said...

She's very loquacious for a 2 year old. Claire was like that, so it shocked me when Linus couldn't speak very well early on. HEr diction is super clear too.

I love her eyes - she's so beautiful.

jenna marie said...

She is darling and so much like you it's fun to watch her. 37 weeks!! YEA!! I like your thoughts about finding out who this new little person will be. You're living the dream Becky, soak it in =)

{I agree with Tannie, her eyes are beautiful.}