Wednesday, July 11, 2012

E turns 2!

Eliza turned 2 last week!  Aaron's parents came to celebrate and to meet Camille.  We had her party a couple days later, but let her open a couple presents on her birthday because that's what birthday's are for!  Whenever we'd mention her birthday, she'd say, "Happy Birthday to you!" and "presents!".  This girl takes after her mama when it comes to a love of presents!
Aaron's parents got her this food set which is fab.  Whenever she holds the broccoli, she always sniffs it...
Over the past couple months, I've been making her clothes and stuff for her doll she got at Christmas.  I thought that having diapers, burp cloths, a blanket, and clothes might make it fun for her when I'm doing the same with Camille.  I used scraps that I had and baby clothes that never fit right and adjusted them to fit her baby so it was a very cheap project.  :)  Here she is holding her baby wrapped in the blanket. 
 At her party with our immediate families, she got hooked up!  She was so excited to see the presents at first that she just kept touching them.  Then she started to rip them open and ripped and ripped and ripped without even looking at the items.  She was having a grand time opening; it was cute.  Once they were opened, then she played with each thing individually.
Aaron & I got her a basketball hoop.  She had opened the ball right before and it was cute when she clicked what the other part was.  :)
  My bro & s.i.l. got her this pool and she played in it with everyone for hours!

We had a yummy dinner.  Here are our fams!
E loves ladybugs and cupcakes so I asked my sister Laurie to hook her up... and she did!  Eliza got really nervous when we started singing and was trying to hide. 

It took a bit of convincing, but Brad was able to get her to blow out the candles.
She ate the tops of two cupcakes and a good chunk of ice cream.  (Why not!?  It was her big day!)
She was in an insanely good mood which made the afternoon so much fun.  She just loves all of her grandparents and aunts and uncles!  We are so lucky to have wonderful families.
Welcome to the Terrible Two's Little E!


*Aliese* said...

Too cute. She got some great presents!

Tannie Datwyler said...

What a sweet girl - she has such a cute cheesy smile.

The Judd Family said...

What a fun birthday! It looks like she had a blast!

The Williamsons said...

Fun! I love her cute curly hair!

Sarah said...

Such a fun bday. I love the pool! Thats great. Look for a kitchen on KSL. We got ours for 10 bucks including some food!