Sunday, October 28, 2012

Balloon Fiesta!

Pretty much everyone who heard we were moving to ABQ told us that we HAD to go to the Balloon Fiesta.  So we did.  And it is amazing!!!
We got tickets to go to the Mass Ascension for Saturday morning.  We got up, got to the Park & Ride, got in a school bus and headed to the park.  We were almost to the park (about 30 min away) when they announced the balloons wouldn't go up.  We were SO disappointed.  Oh, let me tell you that we go to the Park & Ride at 5ish in the morning for crying out loud.  So we turned around, or tried to turn around forever.... so we were on the bus for over two hours straight.  Eliza was SO disappointed since we'd told her that we were getting up to see balloons which made it more disappointing for us.  Luckily, they re-set our tickets so we could go another day.
We were too nervous to try to do it the next morning again for fear of it being cancelled again, so we got up around 7, checked the website and saw they were going up and drove to a road to watch them.
Once we saw them and watched them for an hour, I so wished we could have been able to see it from the field!  Oh well, next year hopefully!
So anyway, we sat in the car and enjoyed the balloons.
 We looked at the rest of the schedule to try to decide when to re-use our tickets, but the only time we could go was Sunday night to the Balloon Glow.  Go ahead and judge us for going on Sunday.  We talked about it and we 1. were together, 2. would have lost our tickets if we wouldn't have gone that night, and 3. didn't buy anything.
We walked around and waited and then all the sudden, some started to blow up.  And then it seemed like within a minute 20 more were up.  And it just kept going and going.  It was INCREDIBLE and almost breath-taking!  It's so cool to stand RIGHT next to the balloon's going up!
 Once the sun went down, the loud speaker would count down and then all at once, they would all light their fire things so they would glow at the same time.  It was fun.  We walked around and around and looked at them all.  Eliza loved it and we loved it.  Hopefully we can go see the full deal next year!