Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas Recap

So blogs are way out.  But I do have some people who tell me they read my blog so I do this for them!  (Thanks loyal readers!)  And maybe it's a pride issue... I don't want to be like almost everyone else who hasn't updated their blog for 3 years.  So I continue, but definitely not at the pace I did years ago when I started.

Anyway, here's our Christmas recap Albuquerque style!

We went to the Twinkle Light Parade.  Peeps decorate their car with lights.  Some cars were rad and others were lame.  Most important thing to know--Aaron was not wearing a jacket.  And it was December.  At night.  !!!  The weather down here really is a plus.

Santa came to our Ward Party.  E and I do a lot of role-playing these days. So we had Santa ready to go.  So when he said, "What do you want for Christmas?" and without a pause said, "A puzzle," I was one proud mommy!  After she got off his lap she came over to me and said, "Where's the puzzle?"  :)  Poor girl.  I had totally led her on thinking he'd provide.  Luckily he did hook her up with lots of puzzles on Christmas!

Camille on the other hand just ate Santa's beard and glove.  This girl puts EVERYthing in her mouth.  Yes, I know all kids do.  But I swear she does it more than most.
We also went to the River of Lights.  Down by the Rio Grande, they put up tons of "sculptures" of lights.  This is a horrible pic, but tractors are a family fave so we had to get a picture!  We enjoyed it, but were disappointed that they could have zillions of different shapes, animals, etc, but not one nativity.

We also went to an Ugly Sweater Party!  I can't lie, we were pretty excited to wear these.  And then we were the only ones who showed up in them (beside the hosts, thank goodness they did!).  So that was a bit awkward.  :)  My poinsetta's defffffinitely deserve a prize.  You can't tell, but they're outlined in glitter puffy paint.  Magical.  And E's smile in this pic makes the picture just that much more awkward. Love it!
 I couldn't find anything too ugly in Camille's size, so opted for these adorable jammies instead.  Did she need it?  No.  But was it 99 cents and adorable?  Yes.  So no regrets.  I adore the reindeer feet.
 Christmas morning was awesome.  Eliza was pretty hesistant.  I mean for weeks we'd been telling her not to open anything and now we were making her open them all!  She caught on fast enough and had a great time.  She's at the stage where who cares what's inside, I've got to rip all this paper off RIGHT NOW of every single present.  Play comes later.  She got some awesome stuff.

 Camille enjoyed sucking on some wrapping paper.  She got hooked up too.  We are so grateful for our familes who give so much.
We went to Utah for a few days over New Year's.  We got to see the missionaries--my brother who just came home from Mexico and my sister who is leaving for Guatemala.  So the holidays were fab.  They just go too fast.

In other news, I was the Gospel Doctrine teacher for a whole month and then was called as the Young Women President.  I am excited and nervous.  There is so much work to do.  But we are so blessed, so serving is the least I can thank Him with.

Happy 2013!