Tuesday, May 28, 2013


We went to Seattle!  It was a big deal because this was our first real vacation!  Aaron had training in Seattle for three days and we decided to use some of our tax refund to go with him.
All in all, it was a lot of fun.  Eliza has been really, really, really hard to be with for the past month-ish (she is getting her molars, so I HOPE that's why) and as the trip was coming up, I began to wish that we weren't taking her with us.  I was sure she'd be horrible and.... she was.  :)  It's always nice to know that you can count on her.  :)  She screamed A LOT.  But oh well, at least I expected it, right!?  But nonetheless, the good of the whole trip overweighs the many, many, many rough spots and it was still so great to take them and let them see some place different.  Camille was almost perfect the entire time.  What a babe!

We flew out on Sunday and were nervous about the flight because Camille won't hold still.  Luckily the flight attendants didn't freak out about her playing on the floor for a lot of the time and our first hurdle (the 3 hour flight) went great!

We got to the hotel that his work put us up in (p.o.s.h.) and waited for Laurie.  My sister flew in and hung out with us for a couple of the days!  And then we went swimming!  It was both of the girls first time swimming and it took them a bit to warm up, but then they loved it!

Aaron had the training from Monday thru Wednesday.  So Monday morning, Laurie and I took off with the girls to explore! We first went through Pike's Market to get down to the waterfront.  Once there, we got the CityPass.  It was a bomb deal!  $74 to get you into lots of the big attractions for so much less than going to all of them.  If you go, I highly suggest it!  Pretty much every place I'll be telling you about was on it.
Here's my little loves.  Notice the food in their hands.  I had the inspiration a few days prior to leaving that I needed to take bomb food with us.  I am sooooo glad I did.  Did they eat super healthy last week?  Nope.  But did it stop many, many, many, many more tantrums that would have happened?  Yes, definitely yes.  :)
We first went on a harbor cruise in the Puget Sound.  It was a lot of fun and we learned so much about the city.
We then went to the Aquarium.  It was so-so.  They did have a couple of cool things, but it was pretty small, all in all.  I did touch a starfish, so that was cool.
 Then we made our way to the Space Needle.  We went to the Chihuly Gardens next to it.  They were AMAZING.  Seriously, take your breath away amazing.
We had planned on going up the Space Needle next, but Eliza threw a huge fit that lasted for a realllllllllllly long time so we didn't.  I refused to reward her for her tantrum, so we headed back to the hotel.

We woke up and I could tell it was FREEZING.  I hadn't brought enough warm clothes for us so I knew I'd have to buy something.  I wasn't thrilled about that, but I went into the Gift Shop at the hotel and they had hoodies on clearance for $9.99.  AWESOME!  I got one for me and one for Camille.  (Eliza said no.)  It was big on Camille, but it worked perfectly and I was so grateful for an inexpensive fix!
We headed to the Space Needle that morning.  Eliza was incredibly ornery so we didn't stay up there long.

 We planned on going to a museum there, but found out it was closed that day.  We headed to check out Pioneer Square instead, which is the original part of the city.
 Klondike National Historic Park is there and it was REALLY interesting to learn about the Klondike Gold Rush.  Seattle was the gateway to heading up there and having that many people go through it made it into a big city.  Eliza was able to become a Jr. Ranger and got a badge which she was happy about!
 That night we met Aaron for dinner and then went up the Space Needle again (the pass included going up the Needle twice!)  We went up just before dusk and it was FABULOUS.  It was such a perfect time to go up and it was so beautiful watching the sky and city get dark.  And Eliza was in a much better mood, so yay!
(Aaron bribed Eliza with "pink and white cookies" (Mother's cookies) if she would smile for a picture.)  :)

We spent the morning doing laundry and just hanging around the hotel trying to pass time.  (We had to check out of that hotel that day and we couldn't figure out a way for me to get to the new hotel easily except to wait until Aaron got out of his meetings at 5.)  Laurie left around noon. It was so great to have her come and hang out with me while Aaron was in meetings those two days!  I took the girls to Denny's for lunch with the hope of spending as much time as possible there.  While there, Camille pooped all over my jacket arm so I spent a lot of time trying to clean that up too (hey, whatever takes time!).  I took them for a short walk and they both fell asleep.  I was so grateful!
We waited for the last hourish in the lobby.  Aaron got out of his meetings and then we headed to our new hotel.  (We didn't rent a car so we took public transportation to everything.  It worked out for the best for our situation, but it sure made for some rough transportation of bags and such!)

And now we had Aaron full-time!  Yay!  We went to the Pacific Science Center (the museum that had been closed on Tuesday) and saw a 3D IMAX movie about monarch butterflies.  IMAX always has a way of making things AMAZING!
I'm pretty sure this was my first 3D movie!  Eliza didn't use her glasses at all beside this picture, but Aaron put them on Camille while she sat there and sucked her thumb and she was totally cool with it.  It was HILARIOUS! 
We went through the museum which was really interesting and had lots of stuff to do, but a certain someone was REALLY unhappy (are you noticing a trend here?!) so we didn't really get to enjoy it like we wanted to.  They had a butterfly room which was cool to go in.
We decided we wanted to ride on the DuckBoat.  We had an hour to kill so we went into the EMP Museum.  It was the only thing on the CityPass that we were totally uninterested in.  But we were right next door and had a few minutes to kill so we went in.  And we were done in about 15 min.  If you're in love with Nirvana or Jimmy Hendrix, you might have liked it, but that was about all that was in it.  There was this cool guitar thing though!
So then we went on our DuckBoat!  I have ridden in one of these in Boston and loved it.  They are WWII vehicles that were made to go from land to water.  So we drove around and the guide really entertained us and told us so much stuff and then we went for a dip in Union Bay.  We saw lots of houseboats including the one from "Sleepless in Seattle".  It was so much fun.
 On the way back to the hotel, we finally caught a picture of us with the Space Needle.  Whew!

We took a bus down to the Museum of Flight.  (The bus ride there and back were VERY sketchy, but we survived!)
The museum was incredible.  So many planes and so much history.  Aaron was REALLY into and loved it.
They had planes from the Wright brothers all the way until now with special exhibits on WW1 and WW2.  And then a huge exhibit about space travel too.  All very interesting. 

Part of the museum was the original Boeing factory.  Kind of crazy to think of how big they are now! 
I had Aaron pose. :)  (notice the sign)
They had some planes outside you could go in.  Including the former Air Force One!  Right behind Eliza is the "Presidential Conference Room".  It's good that they can take care of important stuff while flying!
That night we went back to Pike's Market.  I wanted to see the Gum Wall and add to it.  :)
We got Aaron a monster donut and I got a piece of carrot cake.

We went to the last place on our pass... the Woodland Park Zoo.  It was beautiful.  For beauty, I give it a 10+.  For animals, a 6 or 7!
The grounds were almost too lush to be able to see the animals.  No joke!  Camille was practically perfect the entire time until Saturday.  I guess she had had enough!  So both the girls were pretty testy at the zoo, but we survived!
Then we headed back down to stay at a hotel near the airport.  Camille was hilarious.
We flew out the next morning.  We had a couple hour layover in SLC.  The girls were really good on the flights which really surprised us.
We are so grateful we could go and have a week away from the regular norm.


Matt and Camille Tanner said...

Oh wow, I read this and feel for you in a way only some Moms could:) I'm glad it was fun, and also sorry it was rough. We have been going through a bit of a rough patch with Cam lately too (aka biting and screaming started up again-yay!) Hang in there!

Des said...

What a fun (and exhausting) trip! Just remember...this too shall pass. Pretty soon your girlies will be in school all day and you will wonder how they grew up so fast. :)

Sarah said...

Looks like a good time! Glad you were able to go as a family. You'll have fond memories... and the bad ones will become sort of funny as you look back (at least for me they do)