Friday, June 28, 2013

Camille turns One!

Camille turned one!  It was super low-key.  We celebrated a day early because I had mutual on her birthday.
We went and had a picnic at the UNM Duck Pond.  It was so pretty and shady and green.  (We have had to get used to that being rare!)
We came home and facetimed our parents while Camille pulled the blanket off her gift and opened a box with all the pieces.  I found the kitchen for like 75% off the day after Christmas!  We had planned on giving it to them both for their birthdays, but Eliza has been SUPER jealous lately so we decided to tell her it is Camille's toy.  She has to ask Camille every time she wants to play with it.  We'll see if she starts chilling out!  (And Eliza is now getting a toy from the dollar store... hopefully she's still at the stage where size doesn't matter...!)
 I put Camille in the same outfit as Eliza wore on her 1st Birthday on purpose.  You can see it on the sidebar.  Camille is much skinnier, but they have lots of similarities!

We ate cupcakes and that was it.  Camille LOVED the cupcakes, but she LOVES food so it didn't surprise me.

Love her.  :)


The Hamblin's said...

Happy Birthday cute girl! Can't wait to get together one of these days!

Gage said...

That messy cakey toothy smile picture is so cute.

Kim Love said...

Ahhh I LOVE that you put her in the same outfit! Such a cute idea!

Melody said...

Happy 1st B-day to Camille. I almost found a way to get my new job to pay for me to visit Albuquerque(sp?) but it fell through. Hope you are doing well and sorry I missed your birthday. Happy Late Birthday to you!