Thursday, July 11, 2013


We went to Utah last week!  It was wonderful to be with my family!
My sis-in-law was due that week with their first baby and we crossed our fingers that she would come while we were there... and she did!  The night we got there she went into labor and she was born the next day!  AWESOME TIMING BABY!!
We went up to Logan Canyon so we could be near them.
Here is Camille in her cage attempting to keep her clean.  It didn't work... she knew our trick and threw a fit.  :)  I decided to just let her get filthy and oh she did!!!  She LOVED it!
 We just enjoyed being together, did some hiking and went back and forth to see the baby. 
  And Little E turned THREE!  My sis made her a train cake.  She loved it.  And she threw a royal fit when we started cutting it and eating it.  It was HERS!!!
It was such a great week!

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Kim Love said...

Sounds like a great trip! :)