Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Aaron worked in Taos so we decided to tag along.  It was a lot of fun.  We pretty much only saw Aaron when we sleeping, but it was MUCH better than talking on the phone at night.

Taos is a town for you if you're super into being a hippie or have an obsession for Southwest art and trinkets.  (I was nice there and didn't say crap.)  :)  Belive it or not, I am neither of those!  (This was DEFINITELY something brought up when we were discussing moving down here!  I REALLY don't like Southwest stuff.)  But nonetheless, I opened myself up to it and we had a great time!

Here's some of what we did:
Here is the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.
 It is MUCH cooler there than ABQ so we spent LOTS of time at the playgrounds!
 Here's me and the girls eating some breakfast.
 Here's Eliza with her planner!  She constantly asks what day it is and what happens on that day and what day tomorrow is and what we're doing on that day.  So Aaron jokingly said she needed a planner.  I took him up on it and gave her one we had laying around.  And she LOVES it.  She is constantly telling me what we're going to do and asking me to draw what we did.  It's super cute.
 This is the Taos Pueblo.  It's been continuously inhabited for like 1000 years.  Which is a pretty long time for something in America!  People still live here without electricity and running water.  It was cool to see, but the tour guide went on and on about the evils of the white man.  I mean, I know that they were treated badly at times, but who's ancestor hasn't?
 I let the girls play in rocks a lot.  They love them.  Whatever keeps them from screaming.  :)
 This is our hotel.  It was a cute little bed & breakfast.
 This is the San Francisco de Asis church.  It is very famous for being painted by lots of people.
 We went to the 5 major museums there.  There was a combo pass for $25 to get into all of them.  It was worth that, but paying individually would have been about $50 and I definitely don't think they were worth that.  Unless you LOVE turquoise and stuff.  And then they might be.  :)
Here is E showing off some Santos.  We saw a lot of these.
 One of the places we went had a dress up area.  I think this pic is dang cute.  :)
 This was the courtyard of a home of a Spanish guy who kinda helped make the town.  This was our favorite of the 5 places.
 This was in one of the other museums.  The guy who lived here (Fechin) carved all this wood.  SO gorgeous.
Just in case you're wondering what souvenirs I acquired while there, I bought a board book for the girls called "Ten Little Rabbits" that counts Native American rabbits who do rain dances, hunt, tell stories, weave, etc.  That was as far as I'd go.  :)


Sarah said...

If you'll let us, maybe we can come visit sometime and check out all the southwest stuff ;). We're not huge fans either, but hanging out would be fun. Wonder what the drive time is from here.

Mr. and Mrs. Hillarious said...

I think southwest stuff is interesting, but most of it I wouldn't spend money on either. Glad you got to go with Aaron.

Sarah W. said...

Your girls are darling! I love the planner! She's my kind of girl.