Friday, January 3, 2014


The past month-ish has been great!  The holidays have been so fun, especially with Eliza.  She has said, "Happy Thanksgiving," "Merry Christmas," or "Happy New Year" almost non-stop! :)
Something to be VERY grateful for was that Aaron shaved this mustache a couple weeks early!  His work did "No-Shave November" and they were supposed to go the whole month.  I said no because it looked NASTY!  He did a beard for a couple weeks and then went to a goatee and then did the mustache just for the day.  (They were supposed to do a mustache the whole time and I said NO WAY!)  This picture is SO, SO, SO gross!  But hilarious, nonetheless!  He shaved it off the second he got home so thankfully I only saw it for a couple minutes!
 Eliza & I made a thankful tree. 
We pulled out our decor right after Thanksgiving.  Eliza was excited to see our Nativity Little People Set and pulled them on the sleigh.  It was super cute.
 I finished this quilt for Camille.  I had the top sewn before she was born and then finally pulled it out in October & November and finished it.  I machine quilted it and had a really fun time doing it.  (It was my first time.)
 December went by fast!  Aaron worked out of town two of the weeks so we decided to go with him both weeks.  I wondered if I'd be sad to not be near our decorations and doing holiday stuff, but ended up having SUCH a great time doing holiday stuff in the places we went!  I feel a little bad that we go do fun stuff while Aaron works, but it's so fun to go to new places and have the girls experience new things.  And it's nice to go to dinner and see Aaron at night instead of just FaceTime!  The girls LOVE hotels; they seriously think it's the funnest ever!  Here they are reading together one night.  They are really finally starting to be kind to each other more; it's exciting!
 The first city was Silver City.  The museum had Christmas decor everywhere in this old house.  It was really charming.  One of the nights they hosted a "Victorian Christmas" that we went to since it happened to be while we were there.  It was so much fun.  Father Christmas was there, all the volunteers were in old-fashioned clothing, and there were so many activities for the kids.  People found out we were from Albuquerque and we were rockstars!  "These people came here from Albuquerque to go to this!"  It really was so fun.
 The girls loved every place we went.  I found that if I wanted them to go to the places I wanted to go, I had to give them their time.  So if they found something they liked, I let them do it as long as they want.  This little hotel display was at the museum and they loved it.
 Lunch for us consisted of "Lunchables" (not that brand, but that idea) pizzas.  The girls love them more than life itself!!  They were SO thrilled to sit in the hotel and eat them!
 This is the Santa Rita Copper Mine.  The girls played in the truck tire there for like 30 min!
 One day we went to the Gila Cliff Dwellings.  It was quite the drive to get there, but fun to do since we had the time.  We hiked to them and then went through them.  There are like 7 caves made by wind that they built homes into.
There was an AMAZING park there.  It was cold and wet though so we didn't stay long.
 The next week he worked in Carlsbad.  There is this thing called "Christmas on the Pecos."  You ride on boats down the Pecos River and see everyone's backyards that they've filled with lights.  It was really fun, but really cold!
 We went to Carlsbad Caverns!  The best part of traveling off-season is that we are rock stars everywhere we go!  People are so excited to see us and there are no lines!  Here are the girls inside the caverns.  The caverns are so surreal.  It's super creepy to be 700 feet below ground in such a huge place.  So, so, so beautiful.

 We rode the elevator down and walked the Big Room and then rode the elevator back up.  I was hoping we could go on another hike, but there weren't any we could go on.  We decided to go see the natural entrance and the girls took off down the switchbacks and we ended up walking all the way down in and then rode the elevator back up!  (We walked at least four hours that day!  Eliza is such a hiking trooper!)
 This is actually the only time Camille walked.  She was creeped out inside and had me hold her almost the whole time!
 We spent Christmas with Aaron's family.  His whole family was there and it was great to be together.  We came back and had our own little Christmas too.  (I want it to be tradition that we always do something at our home, plus it seems tough to transport presents there and back!)
Eliza got a pillow, a 2014 planner, and an "I Spy" type of book.
 Camille got letters that spell her name, the "Little Blue Truck", and I made her a hooded towel.  She wouldn't model it, but it's a dog.  :)
Happy New Year!


Matt and Camille Tanner said...

This is all so cute (minus the mustache part...gross). Your girls are getting so big. How is Eliza doing? Improvements? I hope so. We got Cam into a terrific school for kids with emotional disorders, and he is doing really well socially! Yay!

DaNae said...

I just love that quilt. You are amazing!!

DaNae said...

Oh my word! Don't know how I missed your last post. So sorry, that sounds miserable/scary/devasting. So grateful you are ok and that you had so many people help you.

Aloha_Misty said...

I think the mustache is AWESOME!