Wednesday, May 7, 2014

El Paso!

Aaron worked in El Paso and we tagged along!  It was an interesting city.  Very Mexico-ish! Here's a random splattering of what we did:
We went to a petting zoo feet from the border... and did NO petting!  Super sketchy!
 A lot of the cactus were in bloom which was pretty to see.  Camille touched this one... and screamed for an hour after.  Good times...
 We went to a tank museum "Old Ironsides" on Fort Bliss. 
 Eliza pointed out ABQ.  She is REALLY intrigued by maps!
 This historical home had really low doorknobs!
 A view of El Paso into Juarez.
 We went to a Children's Museum.  Perhaps they are future bean counters!
 This is at Chamizal National Memorial.  The land was in Mexico but the river changed so it became America.  This is an old boundary marker.
 Here is a bridge into Juarez!  Obviously E was upset about it.  :)
We had a great time!  Oh and we have a baby BOY on the way!  We can't believe it!  We have a follow-up ultrasound next week.  Thank goodness for another opinion, ha!

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The Williamsons said...

Your girls are getting so big! They are so cute!