Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's November now.

Hi there!
So I want to keep the blog up to keep a glimpse into our lives, but I've found better ways to document our lives than blogging, so it's definitely on a much smaller scale now.  But I guess if you have any questions, you can comment and I'll answer.  Not sure what questions you'd have though.  :)
Halloween was fun and the girls loved all the candy!  The holidays are SO MUCH FUN with them!  They get so excited over the smallest things!  We are so blessed and grateful to have children.
Eliza is at a fun stage of wanting to learn and do everything.  She was in her first Primary Program.  She is definitely an introvert so this was a big deal for her.  She cried the whole time, but she did it!  We were so proud of her!
Camille is…. a menace.  She is horrid right now!  She is getting her molars so hopefully it will calm down soon.  She is evil and defiant about everything.  She is getting really good at talking and is putting together some really impressive sentences!  And we do love her despite her current imp-ness!
Jack is so fun and adorable.  He doesn’t sleep all that great at night still and refuses to take a bottle, but other than that, he’s perfect.  We all love him.
Right before I had Jack, I was released as Young Women’s President.  I was really sad about it at first because I loved working with them, but I know it’s the Lord’s decision and I’m totally ok with that.  When Jack was three weeks I was called as the Gospel Doctrine teacher.  It is a rough one!, but I am learning a ton.  I’m the only teacher so it is a lot of preparation, but I’m glad that I have a calling. Aaron was released last week from the Ward Mission Leader and put into the Elder’s Quorum Presidency.  He is in busy season and working a lot, but it’s all good.  We are so grateful for his job and he is learning and growing so much in it.  We really like New Mexico and are happy to be here.  Life has felt overwhelming lately with lots of small things going on and adjusting to three kids, but it is amazing.


Matt and Camille Tanner said...

Hey! I still read this thing, so you had better keep me posted! What are you using now? You guys look great!

BECKY said...

I sent you a message :)

Ashlee Judd said...

You have such an adorable family!

The Williamsons said...

You look beautiful! Love your cute little family!