Monday, March 16, 2015

Oh hi!

Hi there!  Life is good!
Aaron has been working a ton because it's busy season.  We're so grateful to be employed!
I was put in as the Primary President yesterday.  Crazy, right!  I have been the Gospel Doctrine teacher for the past six months and it has been SO hard, but really helped me grow.  And now I get to learn to grow in a totally different way.  I haven't been in Primary since I was 12 and now I get to learn how to teach kids now!  I feel blessed to have this opportunity, but I'm definitely nervous.
Eliza is going crazy with smarts these days.  Like we got a "toy" at Chick-fil-a about the solar system.  So all the sudden she's asking like crazy for me to print off worksheets about solar systems.  She's REALLY into art right now too and draws and colors for hours each day.
Camille is crazy.  Such a fearless daredevil.  She has nearly all of her letter sounds mastered except "l" and "r".  We're working on them.  She can recognize "C for Camille" but could care less about any other learning!
Jack is 7 months now.  As of the past month he is finally sleeping better.  I am SO grateful.  His sleeping was horrific!  He REFUSES bottles and sippie cups.  And this mama is really ready for that to happen!  But he's freaking adorable and such a sweet guy during the day for the most part.
Here are my long loves!

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Mr. and Mrs. Hillarious said...

Yay for an update! The girls are so big now! I've been the Primary Pres. in my ward for almost two years now. I love being able to listen to the kids sing and be down there with them. Good luck!