Monday, July 27, 2015

Birthday fun!

Eliza turned 5 and Camille turned 3!  Previously we've only had family birthday parties, but this year we were ready to try a friend one.  The girls have been to quite a few parties over the past year and they were prepped up.  Up to this point, a friend party wouldn't have worked because of Eliza's nervousness.  But she's really changed and grown up and she was ready!
We did a combined party and made it awesome.  We had a My Little Pony theme for Eliza and a cheetah theme for Camille.  Eliza watched My Little Pony at a friend's house once and she thinks she loves it.  And Camille has been really interested in cheetah print since last Halloween.  They each chose two activities--Eliza chose rainbow bracelets and MLP bingo and Camille chose cheetah races (obstacle course) and painting cheetah masks.  Everyone really seemed to have a great time, so that was awesome.  Camille chose cheetah cupcake liners...
 and Eliza requested a rainbow cake.  I was wondering if the cake would be a pinterest fail, but it totally wasn't!  It looked awesome!  (See the pic below for what a slice looked like!)

  They also each had a pinata.  I made them out of diaper boxes and tissue paper.  They took like two hours total so I thought that was awesome!  Last year, I used duct tape and it took an hour to break it open!  This year I used masking tape and it was perfect!  Camille HATES hitting pinatas though and cries every time she sees one break so she refused to join in!
 Eliza on the other hand was super pumped to get the candy out!
 Eliza's dreams came true when she got this pony from some of her friends!  She has carried it around every day since!
 Aaron and I got to go on a little getaway with just Jack!  (That boy refuses bottles and sippy cups; I REALLY hope he starts taking a cup soon!)  We went to a couple places in New Mexico- Los Alamos where the atomic bomb was created and Taos.  It was awesome to go hiking and enjoy time off together!  One of the hikes we had been on had had a recent flash flood.  This was one of the many piles of debris left behind.  Crazy!

Life is good!