Monday, November 14, 2016

Fall Updates

The past couple months have been wonderful.  Both girls started school and are both loving it.  For the few hours Camille is at preschool a week, Jack loves one-on-one time with Mom!  It is wonderful to see them so happy at school!
The kids are loving the coming of the holidays and so am I.  I love to see them so excited about all the fun activities.  Our kids are such a blessing and such a joy.
My parents flew their kids to Connecticut for a few days!  It was such an incredible trip.  Such a needed getaway and such a wonderful time with my siblings and parents!  (picture from Yale University Campus)
Also, we are pregnant!  I'm almost 15 weeks and we are so grateful.  We pray all goes well.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Already Over?!

Just like that, summer is over.  School starts tomorrow.  Can't believe it!
July was a ton of fun, but went too fast.
We spent a week in Colorado with Aaron's parents and they let us borrow their Jeep for a couple days and go off by ourselves so that was awesome!  Then we did two weeks of swim lessons which were fantastic and we definitely want to do them again!  And then I went to Girls Camp.  Once we got there, it turned out fantastic and I was so grateful.  And I didn't even get eaten by a bear!  (I did have a squirrel jump out of my suitcase and then later I found that he had chewed through many holes through one of my tops!)  The girls finished their Fairytale Ballet Class where they dressed as a different princess each week and did different ballet moves to songs from that certain movie.  They loved it, but have found that ballet isn't as exciting as they thought!  Now they have to decide if they want to continue in a dance class, swimming, or something else!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Happy Summer!

The week after my last post in March, we were very surprised when Aaron was extended the call to serve in the Bishopric.  We both felt and feel very unqualified and inexperienced and it has been a big change, but we are happy to serve wherever we are needed.
Because of that, in May I was released as the Primary President.  To be honest I was really sad since it had only been just over a year and I felt like I was finally getting a better hang of it and was really loving it.  But it's the Lord's work and it is all good.  Since then I've been called as the Young Women Camp Director (so I'll be going to camp this summer... I'm excited and scared!) and as a Primary Teacher (which I am so excited about!).  I have major Relief Society Anxiety so going back to that was a huge fear of mine with getting released... thankfully I get to be elsewhere for the time-being!
Eliza finished Kindergarten and it was SUCH a wonderful thing for her.  She is so much more confident in herself!
Summer has only been here for a few weeks, but it has been awesome.  But it is FLYING by much too fast already!  The girls are in their first ballet class and we are planning on swimming lessons and going to programs the library offers.  And hopefully we'll fit in a couple of mini vacations or staycations in the next monthish!
As every yearbook signing should say..... HAGS!!!!!  Have a great summer!!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

March, already!?

Time is flying.  It seriously goes too fast!

It seems like so far this year all that has happened is sicknesses.  Yuck!  We have been sick pretty much every other week so far this year.  Pukings, colds, coughs, a sinus infection, and pink eye.  It's getting realllllllly old!  (And is making us realize how amazing good health is!)  I am wondering if Eliza is bringing everything home from Kindergarten for us all to share!?  I hope we kick it all soon!

We had a wonderful chance last weekend to go to Utah for a couple days for my brother's wedding.  It is so fun to celebrate their marriage and be with all the family.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Happy 2016!

We are lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvving our house.  It is so rewarding to put money into something that is ours!

Our kids are growing like weeds.
Eliza is halfway through Kindergarten now and is learning so much.  She is learning to read really well.  She has a bestie named Samiya.  Going to school has really grown her confidence!
Camille & I have fun having our one-on-one time together each day while Jack naps.  She loves doing her "homework."  She has quite an attitude.  My dad described it as a switch.  She can be the happiest kid in the world and then as angry as ever---there is no middle ground!
Jack finally decided to walk (at almost 16 months) and has been really happy since then.  He paces around the house all day!  He is starting to say a few words which is super fun.

We wish you a wonderful 2016!