Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Happy Summer!

The week after my last post in March, we were very surprised when Aaron was extended the call to serve in the Bishopric.  We both felt and feel very unqualified and inexperienced and it has been a big change, but we are happy to serve wherever we are needed.
Because of that, in May I was released as the Primary President.  To be honest I was really sad since it had only been just over a year and I felt like I was finally getting a better hang of it and was really loving it.  But it's the Lord's work and it is all good.  Since then I've been called as the Young Women Camp Director (so I'll be going to camp this summer... I'm excited and scared!) and as a Primary Teacher (which I am so excited about!).  I have major Relief Society Anxiety so going back to that was a huge fear of mine with getting released... thankfully I get to be elsewhere for the time-being!
Eliza finished Kindergarten and it was SUCH a wonderful thing for her.  She is so much more confident in herself!
Summer has only been here for a few weeks, but it has been awesome.  But it is FLYING by much too fast already!  The girls are in their first ballet class and we are planning on swimming lessons and going to programs the library offers.  And hopefully we'll fit in a couple of mini vacations or staycations in the next monthish!
As every yearbook signing should say..... HAGS!!!!!  Have a great summer!!


Mr. and Mrs. Hillarious said...

I can't believe how big your kids are getting! Aren't they supposed to be babies still? I felt the same way when I was released as the Primary president when Matthew was called to be Elder's Quorum president. Honestly, for me it was nice to be out among the saints not necessarily holding down the fort all the time. But I think it's been very good for both of us. And I sure don't miss the Saturday night anxiety of the last minute notices that someone isn't coming and hoping everyone else shows up for Primary!

Sarah said...

Yes have a great summer! You are awesome to keep posting. I want to get back on track.