Monday, August 8, 2016

Already Over?!

Just like that, summer is over.  School starts tomorrow.  Can't believe it!
July was a ton of fun, but went too fast.
We spent a week in Colorado with Aaron's parents and they let us borrow their Jeep for a couple days and go off by ourselves so that was awesome!  Then we did two weeks of swim lessons which were fantastic and we definitely want to do them again!  And then I went to Girls Camp.  Once we got there, it turned out fantastic and I was so grateful.  And I didn't even get eaten by a bear!  (I did have a squirrel jump out of my suitcase and then later I found that he had chewed through many holes through one of my tops!)  The girls finished their Fairytale Ballet Class where they dressed as a different princess each week and did different ballet moves to songs from that certain movie.  They loved it, but have found that ballet isn't as exciting as they thought!  Now they have to decide if they want to continue in a dance class, swimming, or something else!

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