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Aubrey May joined our family!  We chose the name Aubrey because we like it.  :)  We were debating between Aubrey and Amelia and were planning on waiting until we met her to make a decision (we've never done that before so we figured we should try it out. Ha!)  We were definitely leaning towards Aubrey though because Camille and Amelia sound quite a bit alike.  But a month before she came, Jack decided her name for us!  He had been totally uncaring about the pregnancy and wouldn't even pay attention that we kept telling him there was a baby in my belly.  But one day I came home from one of my appointments with an ultrasound picture of her foot.  I showed it to Eliza and told her it was Aubrey or Amelia's foot.  Then Jack pointed to my belly and said, "Name is Aubrey."  I was totally surprised and not sure if I heard him right so I asked him later that day who was in my belly.  He again said, "Name is Aubrey."  I was pretty floored that he had repeated it.  I told Aaron about it that night and he asked him the next day and he again pointed and said, "Name is Aubrey."  So we took it as a sign and decided her name would be Aubrey!

We decided on her middle name the morning after she was born.  We chose "May" because it is my Grandma Donna and Great-grandma Ruth's middle name.  Donna is my last living grandparent and she has always impressed me with her desire to pay tithing.  She sells AVON so that she can pay it.  And it is also kind of fun that Aubrey was born in May.  
I joked with my family that we were going to name her Aubrey Promontory Golden Spike, since she was born on Promontory Point Day-- the day the transcontinental railroads met.  (My family is obviously weird and remember the song "It happened on the 10th of May in 1869...." from our Elementary School days!)

Here is her birth story:
I mentioned in my last post that Aubrey has been watched closely since about 33 weeks. When things were looking really scary, we had been told she'd mostly likely be coming at 37 weeks, but no later than 39.  But then they decided to just let her come on her own... and then we began to wonder if she'd ever come!  I did finally have some contractions on 39w5d for most of the day before but they never got closer than 10 minutes apart or longer than 30 seconds.  Her final NST and BPP were the next day--May 10th (the day before her due date). Aaron said he felt he should go and went with me for them.  (And with the way things ended up happening, I'm glad he did!)  I did the NST first and I had a contraction during it and her heart rate went down from 140 to 86.  They told me they were going to have a doctor review the NST while they did the BPP.  At the BPP, the amniotic fluid was at 8.3 and 8 is a low normal. Also, it took them a long time to get her to do a big movement.  These were all things that hadn't happened during previous BPP's.  The did end up passing her on all the tests, but cautiously.  When the doctor called them back, he told them to send me to labor and delivery. I was told I'd be monitored, but induced no later than the next morning.
We went home and got our stuff just in case (because it seemed odd to me that they wouldn't just induce right away since I was practically 40 weeks), dropped the kids off with a friend, and called Aaron's parents to drive down.
We got to the hospital and they immediately admitted me. One part of me was thrilled to know it was going to happen now and not have to worry all the rest of the day until the next morning, but I was also super nervous because I've never been induced and I also had to birth a child!  But more than anything, I was so grateful they were going to be monitoring her.  I had had many worried thoughts about labor and if she'd be ok during labor, so I was glad we would know.
I was at a 3 so they started me on Pitocin at 3 p.m.  The contractions came instantly and for me they felt very much like normal labor--the only difference is that these ones came in a perfect interval every 2 to 3 minutes instead of occasionally having a 5 minute interval or whatever.  I had to be hooked to the monitors constantly so I was in bed for the most part.  After 1.5 hours, I wanted to be up and moving through them because they had increased in intensity, so I stood by the bed and swayed through them.  At 2 hours, the nurse came and told me they had to turn the Pitocin off because her heartrate was dropping with every contraction.  She said that we'd probably take a break from the Pit for a couple hours and see if we could get her to shift position-- they assumed her shoulder was pinching the cord or something.  She said that the doctor was in a c-section and would decide what to do when he got out.
After the Pit was off, I was surprised to see that the contractions kept coming every couple minutes.  And that they were really hard. I was breathing hard through them.  (Once it was all over, we realized that the Pit sent my body into full-blown labor so I kept going on my own.) The nurse kept coming in and had me switch from my right side to my left side and back again to see if we could get her in a better position, but nothing worked---her heartrate kept dropping every time.  It was scary to watch the it plummet every time.  At about 6:30 she came in again and said that the doctor had still not come out of the c-section, but would soon.  She put me on oxygen and gave me another entire bag of fluid full force.  Because I had been breathing so hard through the contractions, I thought that I could be in transition, but I didn't want to believe it because I was worried I'd only be at a 4 or something.  But I decided to ask her to check me because there was no way I could keep going without some pain relief if I hadn't progressed much.  She told me that it had only been 3.5 hours so she didn't think I'd be very far.  I told her I wanted to know.  Seconds before she was going to check me, I felt a huge pop and gush.  I have never had my water break on it's own, but I had no doubt that it had just happened!  I said something like, "OH MY GOSH!"  She said, "What?"  I said, "My water just broke."  She peeked and said, "Yup."  She checked me and was like, "I can't believe it because you're so calm, but you're at an 8!"  I was so grateful that I knew my body!  Aaron had been out of the room at that time so when he came back in, he was quite surprised to hear so much had happened so fast!  Within minutes, the doctor and nurses were in there and getting everything ready.  The next two contractions after my water broke were SO hard, but got me to a 10.  I pushed for about 20 minutes.  Pushing is horrific for me.  It's so scary and so insanely painful.  This was the most painful pushing I remember, but thankfully she came out at 6:58 p.m.  Only 4 hours from the first drop of Pit to delivery.  For me, that is an insanely fast delivery!!!
As soon as she came out, we figured out why her heartrate had been dropping so much... she had the cord around her neck THREE TIMES.  So not cool.  Words can't express how grateful we are that we had a good outcome; we've had many people hint that things could have gone bad really fast.  Had my body not progressed so quickly, it is very likely we would have ended up in a c-section which is fine, but I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father watched over us so closely and got her here quickly and safely.
She was 6 lbs 5 oz, so the doctors were right that she was small, but thankfully she has done fine so far.
We love her to pieces.  Her siblings do too.  This is the first time everyone has been happy to have a sibling and they care about her and want to hold her.  It so wonderful.
She's a month old today and I am trying to treasure it all because I know that it all goes too fast.

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